How to Guide:
How do I navigate and use this site? Click here or navigate to the Help page to access the user guide.  If further assistance is needed, please call 303-792-8674.

Password/Login Issues:
What if I forgot my password?  On the login screen select "Forgot your Password?" and it will be emailed to the email address on file immediately.  If you need further help, please call 303-792-8674.

When I try to login I get a "User not found" message.  What do I do?  Please Email creditcardprocessing@ncm.com and include your Customer account number and we will verify you are setup to access the portal.

Invoice/Payment Questions:
How do I setup reoccurring payments?   This option is called Auto pay in the portal.  Please click here and review pages 7 & 8 for step by step instructions.

If I select the recurring payment option, when will my credit card be charged?  Your credit card is charged on the due date of each invoice. If your invoice is over 30 days due, you will be charged immediately.

My card information has changed, how do I update my card for Auto pay? Please click here and review pages 9 & 10 for step by step instructions.

Can I view and/or print invoices shown on this site?  Yes, simply double-click an invoice and the option to view or print the invoice appears.

Guest Access:
Can I grant another person access to my account in case I am out of the office?  Yes, please refer to the instructions in the HELP section or click here and review pages 13 & 14.